We create digital, innovative & scalable solutions -
custom-tailored to your needs.

MZ3 is a digital transformation & product development company, spearheading the development of emerging technologies at the intersection of Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, Internet of Things & modern Web Technologies.

Our Focus Industries
& What we do?

We ignite transformation & innovation for German and UK Startups and SMEs.

Disruptive & Sustainable Businesses

We believe that technology and the disruption of old paradigms will lead to a more sustainable world for the good of all, that's why we are here to support Entrepreneurs and Business Owners with innovative solutions and transformational technologies.

Smart Cities

Our cities are on the edge of their capacities in terms of their resources and space. Smart Cities are the future of where our urban life will move to, the integration of smart processes, new technologies, the Internet of Things and a new kind of business models will lead us into the future of living.


New mobility concepts got necessary to solve our 21st centuries challenges, we believe that technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Internet of Things and Blockchain will help us to accelerate the speed of innovation in this space.

Supply Chain

Our food, commercial and non-commercial goods & transport are just a couple of use cases where new technologies like Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence will help us to make our world more transparent.


Governments all over the world are in the middle of transforming whole countries into digital societies. Digital Governance will bring this to a whole new level, eliminating wasted time and resources in bureaucratic old models through efficiency. Leading us one step at a time closer to a more transparent world.