Agile, lean and rapid prototyping to launch your idea within weeks.

We are a team of enablers - serial entrepreneurs, user experience specialists and developers who empower companies to build the next big thing - from scratch to finish. With the use of emerging technologies like Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, Internet of Things and more, we bring your vision to life.

Disrupt + Sustain

Old business paradigms are being disrupted every day because they no longer work. Sustainability is also at the core of today’s most successful companies.

Smarter Cities

Smart technologies will completely change everything as we know it in modern cities, ushering in new ways of living from day-to-day tasks to how we do business.


Time is more valuable than ever before. AI, Machine Learning, IoT and Blockchain will reign as they enable processes to take a fraction of the time compared to current systems in place.

Our Services

Digital Transformation

Our team of experts provide you with all the tools you need in today’s world: from consulting and strategizing to workshops and hackathons, bearing the latest technologies in mind.

Project Management

Effective project management is the key to success. We help define project delivery models, integrate the best project management office for you, all by our certified project talent experts.

UX-Minded Design

Your UX can make or break your business. Our UX experts help you understand your customers’ needs with persona identification and storyboarding, customer journey maps, user flow analysis, and interactive prototyping. We also run extensive workshops using the five pillars - empathize, define, ideate, prototype, and test - to succeed at meeting your target user's needs.

Product Development and Managed Teams

We can help you develop your MVP and complete product from start to finish with ideation, research and design phases, documentation, testing and training, as well as post-release with maintenance, updates, and retirement. We also help build a fully-integrated product team by conducting workshops focused on architecture, design, and development, integration of agile processes, DevOps integration, and more.

Talent Recruiting

We specialize in matchmaking exceptional talent with innovative companies. We can find your next developer or entrepreneur to propel your business to the next level.

Our Technologies

There are endless possibilities in building your own business. It all starts with an idea.

Data Science

Learn to harness the power of big data for it is one of the strongest assets any company can have. It reveals a host of information about your customer - who they are as well as their needs, desires, and preferences. Proper extraction and use of this information can make or break your business.

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

AI and Machine Learning can be useful in streamlining cumbersome processes and can also interpret and analyze big data faster than any workforce can. AI can identify patterns and make insights that are not apparent to humans, leading companies to make better business decisions or saving them from potential security threats.

Blockchain Technology

Decentralization is at the backbone of blockchain technology, therefore its implications and use cases for businesses are endless. In addition, the blockchain allows for connectivity with little reliance on vulnerable systems as well tamper-proof storage of information.

Internet of Things

Interconnectivity is at the heart of IoT technology and can facilitate the transfer of data without reliance on human interaction. This means systems can function independently and more quickly.

Virtual Reality + Augmented Reality

VR and AR will change the world - from how we interact with one another to how we work. Simulated environments can be used in numerous ways - from offering effective, hands-on training for employees to offering customers a range of personalized services with little reliance on manpower - the possibilities are endless.

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