Our Services

MZ3 helps startups & SMEs to define their transformational journey. We are a team of Serial Entrepreneurs, User Experience Specialists and Developers passionate about digital innovation and exponential organizations. Our services are focused on a mix of emerging technologies and proven technology stacks to transform or build organizations of the future. The core of any innovation are humans and collaborative interactions, we specialize in finding the right people to drive your business to success. MZ3 works closely with Researchers and uses modern algorithms to create a unique value driven culture for modern collaboration.

Digital Transformation

- Innovation consulting
- Transformation consulting
- Digital strategies
- Digital products
- Digital services
- Agile coaching & consulting
- Workshops & hackathons

Project Management

- Project delivery models
- PMO Integration
- Project processes
- Project technologies
- Certified project talent (PMP, Scrum, IDLE, Sigma 6)

User Experience Design

- Personas & storyboards
- Styleguide & customer journey maps
- Brainstorming & moodboards
- User flow & sitemaps
- Low/High fidelity & interactive prototypes
- Usability & analytics reports

Design Thinking & Design Sprint Workshops

5-Stage Design thinking workshop:
Stage 1: Empathize - research your users' needs
Stage 2: Define - state your users' needs and problems
Stage 3: Ideate - challenge assumptions and create ideas
Stage 4: Prototype - start to create solutions
Stage 5: Test - try your solutions out

5-Day Design sprint workshop:
Day 1 - Understand. Map out the problem and pick an important area to focus on.
Day 2 - Ideate. Sketch out competing solutions on paper.
Day 3 - Decide. Make decisions and turn your ideas into a testable hypothesis.
Day 4 - Prototype. Hack together a realistic prototype.
Day 5 - Test. Get feedback from real live users.

MVP LaunchPad

- Product ideation
- Product design
- Rapid product development
- Rapid product testing
- Product validation

Product Development

- Product ideation, research & design
- Product prototyping & development
- Product documentation, testing & training
- Product release, maintenance & updates
- Product retirement

Managed Product Teams

We help you to build your fully-integrated product team by:
- Conducting product workshops (architecture, design & development)
- Integration of agile product development processes
- Building your initial product architecture
- Designing your product user experience
- Development of your innovative product
- Setup of your product DevOps
- Testing of your product quality assurance

Startup Talent Headhunting - Remote & Onsite

MZ3 specializes in matching the best startup talent with the most innovative companies in the market. We source and headhunt startup people from Developers to Serial Entrepreneurs with a special focus on track-record and the right innovative mindset.